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Should I confess my crush?

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I’m 15 years old and I really fancy my best friend’s older brother, who is 19.

I’ve known him for about five years and I’ve tried to let him know that I like him. I spend a lot of time with my friend, hoping that he’ll say something. So far he hasn’t said anything and now I’ve found out he’s going to Australia for six months before he goes to university later this year.

Should I say something before he goes?

I don’t think I could cope with not telling him how I feel and never seeing him again. KH


Fancying someone who doesn't even notice you is very hard, but he's not going away for ever, even if he is going to university afterwards. He'll be home for holidays and you'll see him then.

At present, I'm afraid that all the signs point to him not being interested in you — he's had five years to respond and hasn't done so yet.

When he comes back, he may see you in a different light. If he's at all interested, he'll let you know then.

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