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Should I correct my friend’s English

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My college friend is from China. He’s a lovely man and he is very proud of his English, but that’s where I’ve got a problem.

He speaks it in an odd way.

Should I correct him or just let him get on with it? Other people do understand him but they laugh about him behind his back. JK


If he’s proud of his English, then I’m sure he would like some tips. However, go cautiously. It’s important that he doesn’t ‘lose face’.

Following his teachings in China, his grammar is probably excellent, so ask him if he would like you to correct him.

If he is happy for you to do so, then go ahead, but if he seems uncomfortable with the idea, I suggest you let him do his own thing.

Your suggestion might encourage him to go to language classes here in the UK, where he is more likely to get speaking practice.

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