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Should I date a younger colleague?

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I recently went on a night out with a crowd from work and afterwards I shared a taxi with one of the guys who lives near me.

I invited him into my flat for a coffee and we found ourselves kissing, but we decided to stop as it didn’t seem like a good idea.

The following day we met up to talk about what had happened. Neither of us really knew where to start, so after an hour or so of avoiding the obvious question we decided we’d just stay friends.

While we were waiting for the bus though, we started kissing again — and this time we couldn't blame it on the alcohol. The problem is he is nine years younger than me and we work together.

I’m scared of what people will say if they find out. Am I being paranoid or should I just go for it? CC


Age should not make any difference to relationships. If he were nine years older than you I'm sure you wouldn't be so worried. It's increasingly common for a woman to be older than her man, although some people still regard it as odd.

I think it may stem from the days when women were dependent on men because they had no rights of their own. If I'm right, then the sooner we squash that idea the better.

More important than the age gap between you is the effect it may have on your working relationship, especially if things don't work out.

You may feel quite passionate about one another but try to keep things light until you are both sure of your feelings for each other.

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