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Should I give younger man another chance?

I’m a single mum with a young daughter. I met a man who is several years younger than me while working part-time in an office.

He was happy being with me – and got on well with my daughter – until his parents found out about our relationship.

Since then, it's been on and off for about four months. Each time, he comes back begging for forgiveness, but I don't know whether I should let him back into my life.

Aside from upsetting me, it's confusing my daughter. GL


The fact that your boyfriend is so clearly influenced by his parents indicates he's really not mature enough to take on the role of partner and father.

Until he is, he's going to go on hurting you while he struggles to come to terms with the situation.

So, I'm afraid, I don't see a lot of hope for your relationship until he shows a willingness to commit.

Only you know him well enough to decide for certain, and I'm sure making the break will be hard, especially as you work together. But think carefully about your life and whether your chance for happiness lies elsewhere.

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