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Should I go back to my ex?

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I left my boyfriend a year ago just after the birth of our son because although we’d been together for four years, we did nothing but argue.

I soon met someone else and we moved in together, but life’s pretty miserable.

We’re always broke and I don’t think he likes the baby very much.

Last week I met my old boyfriend and he asked me to go back to him, but should I go?

I don’t love him the way I used to but it would be a better life for our son. AB


It might be better for your son to have a closer relationship with his father, but he'd grow up pretty unhappy if his parents were rowing all the time.

It doesn't sound as if either relationship is right for you at the moment; so rather than be with one or the other, perhaps now you should make time to sort yourself out.

Is there somewhere else you could stay until you know what you really want out of life?

Could friends or family put you up for a short while?

If your former partner is prepared to work at what went wrong and you could be happy with him again, then obviously this would be good.

But your happiness is tied up with that of your son, so it's important that you make your decisions free from any undue pressure.

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