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Should I sign this agreement?

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My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and he’s suggested we live together in his house, but I’m a bit put out by the fact that he wants me to sign what he calls a “living together agreement” before I move in.

This will say I am not entitled to a share of the house if we should split up.

I love him very much, but it bothers me that he’s asked me to sign this. DL


His approach may not be romantic, but at least you know where you stand before you take the plunge; he is protecting what he has worked for without you.

You, though, need to make sure that things go both ways.

For example, if he owns his property, then any money you contribute towards a mortgage or home improvements should entitle you to a share of their value.

If you’re committed to living together, then it might be worth seeing a solicitor together and drawing up a proper legal agreement.I

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