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Should I tell him I love someone else?

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My boyfriend and I have been going together since we were 15.

We're both 18 now and I do love him, but we fight and argue all the time, and sometimes it gets me down.

Recently I met someone I get on well with but I'm a bit wary.

He's likely to react badly if he knows I'm with someone else as he, too, has a bad temper, and he's been in prison a couple of times on drugs charges.

Who should I choose? N.G.


You've got yourself into a mess, haven't you?

What is really worrying me is that you seem to think you only have two choices — your long-term boyfriend or else your ‘bad-boy’.

There is a third choice, you know, and that is to ditch both of them!

At 18 you shouldn't be trying to decide between two men, when neither of them seem to make you happy!

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