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Should I tell my ex how I feel?

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I have been divorced for nine years and have brought up my four children almost single-handedly.

Even before the divorce my husband was never around and I was always very lonely, even though the house was always full of the children and their friends.

Then, earlier this year, we all went on holiday and I met a lovely man.

We wrote to each other and our relationship really blossomed until we got engaged.

I had to go into hospital for a minor operation and when I came out he told me he had found someone else — I was devastated.

He said he still loved me but that she needed him and now he is living with this woman. Do you think I should get in touch and tell him how I feel? TB


I'm sorry to hear you've had such a tough time and that you've been let down so badly, but do you really think contacting him would do any good?

A man who promises marriage and leaves you when you need his support because you are going into hospital doesn't sound all that reliable to me.

He said he still loves you but his behaviour isn't loving at all.

Telling him you love him and want him back will only give him the chance to hurt you again.

Put this man in the past where he belongs and hope that next time you will meet someone who means what he says.

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