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Son's adolescence: How do I cope?

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I’m a single mum and I’m really worried about my son, who’s now 13 years old.

He was gorgeous as a baby but recently he’s started to look dreadful with greasy hair and bad spots.

He’s growing so fast that I seem to have to buy him new school trousers every term.

Do you think he’s got a health problem? Should he see a doctor? JL


We all go through that awkward adolescent phase when bits of our body grow at a disproportionate rate to the rest of us, so it's probably just hormones.

If you are worried, then getting a check-up is never a bad thing.

He's growing up — and fast — and the spots and greasy hair are all a part of it.

If the spots are acne, though, then the doctor may be able to help. For that reason, if nothing else, it might be worth a chat with your GP.

But what your son really needs is love and the reassurance of knowing that what he is going through is both normal and temporary.

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