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Son's failure to launch is causing rows

My son is 32 years old and lives in a place of his own, has a good job and no money worries, but every weekend he comes home with his washing.

He and my husband have never got on and so now we’re arguing all the time about my son not paying his way.

I love seeing my son but I too think he should be doing his own washing by now and the whole situation is really upsetting me. NK


I agree your son should be doing his own washing; that's something you need to change.

If you're willing do it for him, you can hardly blame him for continuing to bring it home, can you?

Your husband's antipathy to your son may well be to do with the way your son takes you for granted, so change that and their relationship may change for the better too.

If, for some reason, your son cannot do his washing where he lives, then he should be paying for your time and the laundry costs. Either that or he should use a launderette!

He certainly needs to show he isn't taking you both for granted.

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