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Son's friend is a little terror

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My little boy is five years old and has recently started school.

He’s got a friend he’s known since playgroup and they get on really well but the child has no idea how to behave.

I can cope with this at home but I’d like to take them out in the holidays and he’s a nightmare.

He pushes other children off play equipment, runs around yelling and hides when I want him to go home.

It was fine in the winter when I could keep them at home or in the garden but now I just don't know what to do. VL


It is always hard to discipline other people's children but at five he's old enough to understand that if he doesn't do as you say, you won't take him out again.

Perhaps his own mother doesn't take him out much and so he gets over-excited.

If that's the case, then it would be a real shame to deprive him of such a treat without giving him a chance.

Hopefully, now he's started school, his behaviour will improve, but if not, talk to him and explain that he can't behave that way in public.

Keep the trips short to begin with and if he's good, reward him in some way — perhaps with the promise of another trip.

Hopefully, he will settle down once his boundaries are made clear for him.

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