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Stalker ex has left me so scared

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, My ex-boyfriend is frightening the life out of me. I broke up with him and now he follows me everywhere, phones me countless times with his number withheld, and says he’ll kill himself.

I don’t love him and I found him too controlling. I’m afraid he’s going to attack me with acid or something like that girl on the TV because he shouted if he couldn’t have me, nobody would.

He was like a mad man. My friends think it’s funny that he’s turned into a stalker but I’m genuinely getting scared. What can I do?


Dear Amanda,

You're completely justified in believing this is beyond infatuation or unrequited love as he’s exhibiting classic stalker signs and it’s imperative that you protect yourself from any threat.

Many unfortunate women have failed to recognise or act upon these signs and have paid disturbing or tragic consequences.

He’s exhibiting firm indicators of manipulation, control and refusal to be rejected that’s typical of stalkers.

Such possessiveness, bizarre behaviour, and threats should be causing alarm bells to ring as this isn’t the behaviour of a stable individual.

Log all incidents in a diary and report them to the police.

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