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Stop living a lie?

I’m 26 and live with my parents. I don’t have many friends and rarely go out but when I do I can’t stop myself from lying all the time.

It’s really silly, but even when I’ve done something vaguely interesting I still have to make it out to have been more than it was.

It seems to be getting out of control and I have started lying to my parents which makes me very ashamed. Is there anyone who can help me to stop?


In order to stop telling lies about your life you really need to understand why you do so.

I suspect it is because you are dissatisfied and unhappy and don't have a lot of confidence.

However, your letter was very short and didn't really tell me much about you or your problem, so I am only guessing.

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Most people who lie compulsively do so for reasons I've suggested.

They have to invent a fantasy world in which they lead more interesting lives because they are unhappy with life as it is.

As you are finding out, this doesn't solve anything.

The more you lie the harder it becomes to live up to these lies and remember what you have said and to whom. I would suggest that you start with your GP and ask his/her advice about counselling.

As for your parents, when you feel ready, tell them that you've been exaggerating things a bit and that you're sorry.

I'm sure they will understand.

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