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Strict dad is making life difficult

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I’m 19 years old and a mum to a two-year-old daughter.

My boyfriend, who is the father of my baby, and I are saving hard to try to afford a deposit for a place of our own, but it’s very hard. Meanwhile, I’m living with my parents and my dad is making life very difficult.

He’s putting restrictions on when I go out and who I see. He doesn’t know my boyfriend and I are still seeing each other because he blames my boyfriend for the pregnancy.

I can’t cope with much more of this and I’d love to run away.

What should I do? BN


If you are living in your parents' home, then it's only fair that you should live by their rules — but only as long as they are reasonable.

Your dad may be concerned about you making what he sees as another mistake.

You are an adult now though, and you should be able to reassure him you are capable of being sensible.

While you haven't told him you are still seeing the baby's father, doing so might be a good thing.

If he knew you were saving in order to set up a home together, he might be reassured about your boyfriend's common sense and maturity.

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