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Think I need to call off my wedding

Dear Fiona, I’m a 33-year-old man who is due to get married next year but I’m having serious doubts.

I feel pressurised although I think I love her and don’t want anyone else. I’ve confided in my family and they say they’ve never really thought she was right for me and they never really liked her. Should I call it off?

Stephen, Belfast

Dear Stephen,

WheI anyone volunteers advice, it’s always enmeshed with their history and there may be personal, subconscious motives guiding it so it isn't always beneficial to the person seeking it. Avail of your family support system but don’t be manipulated into a decision because although their advice may be due to familial intuitiveness, they may be subconsciously wishing to remove her from THEIR lives.

Don’t go through with it unless you’re certain it’s what YOU want because ignoring your feelings now and proceeding out of a sense of responsibility or decency, will only lead to a lot more heartbreak further down the line.

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