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We really want to adopt a baby from overseas

I’m 29 years old, happily married, but, sadly, unable to have children.

My husband and I have been through counselling and we have decided we would really like to adopt a child from overseas — preferably China.

My grandmother was Chinese so it seems a great idea to go back to my roots.

We’ve tried to find out the best way of going about it but aside from the Government website, there is a lot of information to wade through. Do you have any ideas as to where we should start? MA


I wouldn't want to put you off but if you've been investigating the idea of inter-country adoption, you probably already know it is a very complex area.

At one time people thought that it was quicker and easier than adopting in this country. In fact in most cases it takes longer and is more complex.

Costs are high and there's a lot less official support than there is for domestic adoptions. The purpose of adoption is to provide a family for a child who would otherwise not have one; not a child for a family that wants one.

I strongly recommend you join Oasis (Overseas Adoption Support & Information Service).

Founded by people who have adopted internationally, it has grown to cover all aspects of pre- and post-adoption support. It is not an adoption agency but a support and information service.

Once you join you will receive a new member's pack which should give you the information you need to get started

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