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Where can I turn after alopecia diagnosis?

Fiona Caine is here to help if you have a relationship, sexual, marriage or family problem.

I’ve been suffering from hair loss for a few months now and my doctor has diagnosed alopecia. He’s warned me that it may get worse before it gets better — and it’s pretty bad now.

I had a nervous breakdown three months ago and have been trying to get myself back together again — and now this.

I feel that I could benefit from speaking to others who are going through the same problem, but I don’t know who to contact.

Where do I turn? FB


Alopecia UK has all sorts of advice that I think will be very helpful for you.

It also has support groups around the country you can join, but there is also an online forum where you can speak to people at any time.

It has also got an experts forum through the website where you can browse questions others have asked or else ask your own. Go to to find out more.

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