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Who should give me away?

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My parents are divorced and, to be honest, I’ve little time for my dad. He’s never bothered about any of his children.

My mother remarried three years ago and I love my stepdad to bits — he’s all the things a dad should be.

I’m due to get married soon and I want my stepfather to give me away, but my brother thinks I should get my dad to do it.

He says that, however awful my dad was in the past, it’s his role to pass me on to my husband. GP


What very old-fashioned ideas your brother has.

Have you talked to your mum about this? It may be that she'd rather your dad wasn't at the wedding at all.

This is your day and it should be special for you.

If your stepfather is happy to do it and he's the one you want to do it, then ignore your brother and go with your heart. Make sure you don't look back on it with regret.

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