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Who’s right in my friend’s divorce battle?

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My friend is going through a very difficult divorce and she’s trying to do it without involving a solicitor.

She runs a small cafe, which she opened after the break-up, but her husband is trying to get her to pay him some of the income from it.

Although the business is doing well, she’s not making much profit from it.

I’ve told her she shouldn’t give him a penny but she thinks she might be legally obliged to do so.

I worry about her, though — am I right? CP


I’m afraid it’s not possible for me to say whether you’re right or not about your friend’s situation.

There are so many things that would need to be taken into consideration — for example, did she use joint money to start the business?

She really needs to take the advice of a solicitor rather than trying to sort things out on her own.

I am sure she is trying to save money, but that could be a false economy.

A solicitor should be able to sort things out quickly for her and ensure her assets are protected.

If she contacts her local Citizens Advice Bureau, it will also be able to help her

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