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Why can't he stay awake?

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I am so embarrassed about my husband because he is becoming a real bore. He falls asleep at the drop of a hat, literally.

We can be visiting friends and can even be in the middle of a conversation and he will just drop off.

The doctor says there is no reason why he is so tired and his job isn’t especially stressful.

I’m getting really fed up with apologising for his behaviour. Apparently he has even been known to fall asleep in work meetings too. Sooner or later he will lose his job over this and I am really quite worried and upset.



While your husband may just have a low boredom threshold, I suspect this is something else — possibly something medical. Do you know how he described his problem to the doctor? If he said he was “tired all the time” rather than “falling asleep all the time” then the doctor may have got the wrong idea.

He needs to make the doctor understand that he drops asleep at a moment's notice and that this is outside his control.

He may be suffering from narcolepsy or at the very least, a sleep disorder that needs investigation.

Narcolepsy is a little-known condition that means the sufferer is subject to excessive sleepiness during the day.

Persuade your husband to go back and explain his symptoms more clearly.

The Narcolepsy UK website ( has a lot of useful information.

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