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Why do I find women more attractive now?

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I am 25 and, in the last four years, all my relationships have been a complete disaster. There was only one exception and that was when I lived with a man for a short while.

He was good, kind and supported me, and gave me a chance to get away from my parents.

But it all went wrong and now I am back with my parents and dependent on them.

I am too depressed to try for a relationship with any other man and now I am beginning to find other women attractive.

Could I be bisexual? NS


It's possible that you may be bisexual, but it's also possible that you're not.

What you do seem to be is depressed and you certainly lack self-confidence.

You won't sort out who you are while you sit at home, moping and depending on others to look after you.

The only way you will find out about yourself is by experiencing life and by relating to different kinds of people.

Ideally you should be able to earn your own money, so that you are independent and you are not looking for a partner or your parents to take care of you.

At the moment, your life is simply slipping away and you are allowing this to happen.

Get yourself down to the job centre, get some training if necessary, but make changes to your life.

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