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Why hasn't he called?

I am in my mid-forties, divorced and recently met a man that I really fancied. It’s the first time since my divorce that I’ve felt this way about anyone.

He asked me out and we got on really well; so much so that on just the second date we slept together.

However, since then he hasn’t been in touch and I feel so hurt.

What makes it worse is that he has told everyone else he is mad about me — but he’s not done anything about it. We've met several times since at friends’ parties and although he has gone out of his way to talk to me and be charming, he has never suggested another date.

Perhaps it was my fault for being too ‘easy’, but at our age I would have thought my behaviour was acceptable, wasn’t it? DS


As far as I know this isn't normal behaviour and even if it is, it doesn't seem acceptable to me.

Nor would I consider your behaviour as “easy” — indeed his behaviour seems downright rude.

When you next meet him ask if you can have a quiet word with him, away from the other guests.

Then tell him how hurt you feel and ask him why he is telling others that he is keen on you but has done nothing about it since your date.

If there is a good reason then you can put things straight.

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