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Wife to be has cancer

I’m 32, divorced, and have fallen head over heels in love with the woman of my dreams.

We’ve planned a big wedding for later this summer and everyone — including my two children from my first marriage — is delighted for us.

However, my fiancee has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It's been a hideous shock to us both and she thinks we should cancel the wedding until she knows whether she’s going to be alright.

I don’t know what to do or say for the best — I want to marry her and I want to be with her, supporting her all the way.

I don’t want to push for the wedding if it’s the wrong thing to do — however right it seems to me. BD


Facing a diagnosis of cancer is terrifying and as your fiancee has only just found out she is bound to be uncertain about her future.

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I know you are concerned about saying the wrong thing, but talking is important right now.

After all, she may be saying she wants to put off the wedding because she doesn't want you to have to be responsible for her if she's sick.

She may feel you are asking her to make decisions about a wedding while she's worrying whether she will be fit enough to be there.

So talking is vital because otherwise you won't understand what the other is really thinking.

I'm sure you just want to show her how much you love her and want to be with her, no matter what, but this is a very difficult time for her.

She needs to talk through her options and I suggest you both contact Macmillan Cancer Care on 0808 808 0000.

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