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Will his vasectomy affect our future?

I’ve been seeing a guy for the past six months and, though we’ve been intimate, we’ve never slept together.

We are due to go on holiday in July and I suggested it would be a good idea if I went on the Pill. He’s surprised me by saying I don’t need to bother as he’s had a vasectomy.

As he’s only 30 and has never been married before, that seems a bit odd to me.

Will it affect his ability to make love? Does this mean he can never have children? DS


A vasectomy should always be regarded as permanent, even though it is sometimes possible to reverse it.

It is rare, though, for it to cause any problems with performance unless, as in rare cases, a man has psychological issues as a result.

What it will not protect from, though, is any sexually transmitted diseases — for that you need some form of physical protection, such as condoms.

If you are hoping for a future with this man, I think you need a serious conversation together.

Being sterilised while young and single is unusual and indicates that he is absolutely sure that he never wants a family.

There may be good medical reasons for this — perhaps he is carrying a genetic condition that he does not want to pass on, for example.

Whatever precipitated his decision to have this operation performed, I think he needs to talk it through with you before you become more deeply involved.

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