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Would a fling be so bad?

For the five years of my marriage, I’ve had a well-paid job. But my husband has been unemployed for four years.

Money is tight and we rarely have anything left over to go out or do things, even supposing I could get him to.

When I get home he’s always too tired and often will not talk to me.

I’m getting so fed up with him that I’m tempted to have a fling with a man at work who keeps hitting on me.

Would it be so bad if I did? KM


I don't think you can use your husband's unresponsive attitude as justification for having an affair.

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From what you say, your husband is probably very depressed and having an affair will only make him feel worse.

He needs love, support and something to lift his self-esteem. I would also suggest you persuade him to see a doctor.

Put some fun and affection back into your relationship and give the man at work his marching orders.

If you were unemployed and depressed, wouldn't you want your husband to support you?

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