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The conversation: We chat to actress Jennifer Aniston

By Susan Griffin

The Friends star (45) is starring in two new films, comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2, as well as awards-tipped drama Cake.

Q: It's coming up to Christmas. So, what do you buy one of the most famous women in the world?

A: Oh, I'm easy to buy for - the littlest things, like gestures of love. Who needs more things? I'd rather give that money to the people who need it. You know, just write me a nice card.

Q: Are there times when you crave anonymity?

A: I do, is that terrible? But I think anybody under that microscope would like a day of being invisible.

None of it's true. You know what your life is like and you know what happens when you go home and shut the door and hang with the dogs and hang with the boyfriend.

Q: Is it hard not to let the headlines and global tittle-tattle affect you?

A: It's taken time to thicken up my skin in terms of what people project on to me.

Finally, after years and years of people saying, 'Don't pay attention to it', a few years ago, I finally started abiding by that.

Q: You play one of the titular characters in the new film Horrible Bosses 2. Was it fun to go against your usual good girl roles?

A: Honestly, that role is a treat and they don't come along very often, not for me, especially. They were unsure I'd even say yes and I couldn't even believe they offered it to me, so I was psyched about coming back.

Q: Where is your character now in her life after the first film?

A: She's trying to better herself. She's in a sex addiction group and we're thinking she's doing pretty well this time.

But, I think she knows that everyone at those meetings is pretty vulnerable and on the verge of falling off the wagon, so for her, it's another avenue for flirtation. She's not well, she's just not.

But to her, there's nothing wrong or deviant about herself. She describes sex and approaches it as a chef would approach a wonderful meal to be made. It's like sport.

Q: You certainly spouted some filth in the first movie but you outdo yourself this time around, especially in a scene with your good friend Jason Bateman!

A: After take one or two, you get over the shock of saying things, especially to one of your friends of over 20 years. You stop blushing and feeling embarrassed, and then it's pretty fun and silly. I think we were just trying to out-squirm each other.

Q: Do you have any memories of a worst job before you began acting?

A: Telemarketing - I was trying to sell timeshares. And I stress trying - I never managed to sell one.

Q: In your other upcoming movie Cake you stopped working out and sport a make-up-free face and unwashed hair for the role. It's quite a departure for a glamorous girl like yourself ...

A: It's a world away (from Horrible Bosses 2), that is for sure. It was such an extraordinary experience and the hardest thing I'd ever done creatively thus far, but on a personal and creative level, it was so important to me. I have been dying to do something like that for a long time.

Comedies are one aspect of what we do, but as actors, there's an arsenal of stories we want to tell, and characters that we have inside of us, and sometimes, just certain ones get accessed.

In the last couple of years, I've been having a real fun time. I think, starting with this, where I could disappear a little bit and get into a character.

Q: There's plenty of awards buzz around Cake. Are you hopeful of getting any yourself?

A: That would be so lovely. But I honestly don't think of it in terms of accolades.

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