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The designer fashions that are just asking to be shared

■ This month sees fashion showcasing ready-to-wear collections, but on Instagram a free ready-to-share collection is taking off.

Started in Sweden to promote sustainable living, ShareWear has launched garments from homegrown designers that users can borrow, as long as they lend the item after a week. Users can offer their own goods by labelling them with #sharewear and the first person to tag themselves in the photo is the next borrower.

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■ We're always told modern life is hectic, but even the busiest bees can have a spare evening they'd rather spend with friends.

New app Loose Ends helps pals identify overlapping leisure time without having to broadcast it.

You can post your "loose end", specifying the time and place you'll be free, or browse friends' entries and coordinate plans.

It's linked to your Facebook friends list, but - crucially - you can also remove people from your contacts.

Available for Android and iOS -

■ How do you fancy a three-day working week? In the future we could send a hologram version of ourselves into work, cutting travel time and work hours.

Experts also reckon we'll all have 3D printers at home, so we'll download everything from furniture to food to print by ourselves.

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