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The Good Food Christmas hamper

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Northern Ireland - Good Food is in our Nature ...It’s like being at home this Christmas

You’re reading the Belfast Telegraph so there is a good chance you’re from Norn Iron or have been to visit our wonderful wee country. You’ll know there’s nothing like the taste of Dromona, Tayto, Punjana and Nutty Krust to name a few, so in response to popular demand FoodNI and Belfast Telegraph has created a limited edition Good Food is in our Nature Christmas hamper.

No matter where you go, people who have left these shores will tell you how they yearn for Veda, soda and potato bread, strong tea or great cheese so we have brought it all together in our hamper.

There’s quite a story behind our unique food culture. Did you know that breads like Wheaten, Soda and Potato are unique to our region? That we are the only place that uses soup celery in our vegetable soup and that we shun weak tea in favour of blends like Punjana? Where else do you get orchards that are over a thousand years old, crisps cooked in a Castle, and a family who love bread so much that Nutty Krust is baked slowly for 45 minutes every time.

It’s the dedication and care of our producers and our unique climate (dependable rain) that brings us such quality food and recently we have won a rising number of accolades. To name a few Dromona Extra Mature Cheddar was awarded the World cheese award for the best cheddar, and Great Taste Gold Stars have been awarded to White’s real fruit porridge and Dromona spread easy butter.

So the Armagh Bramley, Nutty Krust, Tayto and Dale Farm mean a lot to you, and you enjoy doorsteps with local strawberry jam so why not celebrate Christmas in style with a Good Food Hamper

So go ahead, send your loved ones the taste of home - because in Northern Ireland Good Food is in our Nature.

For more information visit Irish Gourmet

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