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Thought for the weekend: A place of total safety

On Monday Dean Farley, a keen jogger, managed to collide with David Cameron as the Prime Minister was leaving an unpublicised meeting in Leeds Civic Hall. Much discussion immediately broke out within the media and elsewhere as to whether Mr Farley's collision constituted a serious breach of the Prime Minister's security.

There was also some suggestion initially that the 'jogger' may in fact have had an agenda and had deliberately banged in to the PM in order to draw some publicity to himself and whatever cause he was espousing.

It does seem, however, that the jogger was simply that - a jogger. He was initially arrested by the police but later released. The fact remains that there was a momentary lapse in the Prime Minister's security arrangements. David Cameron himself was quick to speak warmly and supportively of his protection officers, but the bottom line is that someone got close enough to him to do him real harm if they so desired.

I was intrigued by the repeated references to the American security services and the security arrangements surrounding the US President. Various commentators were confidently asserting that 'such a thing would not be witnessed across the Pond'.

I don't want to be in any way disrespectful nor am I unaware of the high security that surrounds the US President, but I thought that some of those expressing these views needed to be reminded of the solemn fact that four American presidents had in fact been assassinated.

There is no such thing as total security in this life. Despite the most stringent efforts of the security services in the UK or the USA, no head of state can experience full and total protection.

In fact the only place of total safety is heaven. Sometimes the Bible refers to heaven as 'Paradise' (Luke 23:43, 2 Cor.12:4, Rev.2:7). This is an old Persian word that conjures up the idea of a walled garden - a place of beauty and safety. In heaven we are safe from all harm and danger. There's no sin and no danger there.

There's no fear or insecurity in the glory of heaven. Won't it be amazing? So make sure that you'll be there. Look to Jesus Christ today, trust in Him by faith, and He'll bring you into the place of total safety.

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