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Thought for the weekend: Inside the mind of Jesus

You and I may listen to the news on radio and television, and read the newspapers in order to keep abreast of changes and developments in our "global village". For example, there have been important issues in recent days which we cannot ignore. They include issues of concern for the whole human community.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister David Cameron stated: "Britain will bomb Isis in Syria." When parliament resumes, he will request support for an expanded bombing campaign to curtail, and bring to an end, the scourge of unspeakable savagery being visited on humanity by Islamic State.

There is the matter of a referendum on the UK's continued membership of the European Union. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, announced a few days ago, the prospective increase of the Bank of England base rate "around the turn of this year". Here in the UK, the benefits system is being radically changed by the Government in a 'From Benefits to Work' re-organisation. It is indeed an anomaly that some people in work are struggling to survive on low incomes, while others receive staggering amounts of benefits to live off the taxpayer.

The above items, part of a panoply of important human concerns, face all of us in the 21st century. Are there any guidelines to help us to handle these issues and to create a better quality of life for everyone?

An answer to that question can be found in the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. As we reflect on this event, we can get an insight into "the mind of Jesus". And as we try to incorporate the mind, thinking and actions of Jesus into our own personal lives, we will indeed be helped to confront and resolve some of the many issues we face today.

At the time, Jesus was travelling extensively around Galilee. Great numbers of sick people were brought to him and were healed. Great multitudes, increasing in number, continued to follow him. Though tired and in need of rest, Jesus had compassion on them. He had time for them. Jesus healed great numbers. He fed great numbers. He showed love and compassion to all. He gave the people strength and purpose to face the future with confidence.

That is the model for you and me today. Have the mind of Jesus - the mind of love, care and compassion for people.

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