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Two 'punishment' attacks carried out every week on average

Maybe if the courts actually handed out sentences instead of slaps on the wrist there would be fewer people who feel the need to call for these attacks. It's worth remembering that the majority of punishment attacks are supported by communities who are overrun with death drivers, burglars and rapists.

Jason Vorhees

They haven't gone away you know.

Wesley Todd

Nowhere near enough. Too many tramps about.

Fra McKenny

Just goes to show how ineffective our policing and justice system is.

Buzz Solo

If the parents, or the State, can't fix an anti-social behaviour problem, then who will? Have my support. Too many thieves and joyriders about.

Michael McClenaghan

Good news. Let the figures rise until the hood element is eliminated. It's the only thing they fear.

Conall MacMiachain

Do they have official photographers for beatings now?

Neil Coleman

Moral of the story: stay out of trouble.

Jake Mua Donnelly

And those carrying out the attacks are beacons of morality, are they?

Martin McGeown

Community policing doesn't start with kneebreakings. It starts with warnings and curfews for anti-social behaviour.

Michael McClenaghan

Imagine your house been ransacked and all your and your family's personal belongings stolen. Your car stolen and burned out. Your teenager kicked up and down the high street after a night out. Now, don't tell me that you would find forgiveness in your heart for those responsible. You would want them punished. And that's where community justice comes into it, because the police can only do so much and are not a deterrent.

Natalie Leonard

Good. Maybe there should be more. Too many scumbags about this place.

Brian Millar

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