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Video: Are you a cucumber like David Beckham? Or a tomato like Eamonn Holmes?

Researchers say modern men now have 7 different body shapes

Forget the broad, skinny and rounded, new research shows how men’s body shapes have changed.

Researchers have identified seven major new profiles – the Nacho, Pear, String Bean, Tomato, Brick, Snowman and Cucumber – to represent the changing figure of the Great British bloke.

Click through the pictures above to see the seven body shapes, or watch the video below.

According to the ‘Body Report’, conducted by menswear retailer Jacamo, most men are going pear shaped.

Almost half identify themselves as pear-shaped and carrying a little extra weight around the middle, 15 per cent think they’re a sleek straight up and down Cucumber, while the rounded Tomato represents one in ten.

The study revealed the changing shape of man and his relationship with his figure too, unveiling that blokes suffer from the same body confidence issues as women.

It found that 28 is the age that men are happiest with their body, with 40 per cent epitomising it as the time they had the perfect shape for their age.

A third felt they were most body confident and least self-conscious at this point, and a quarter earmarked it as the time in their lives when they could wear what they wanted.  A further one in five felt most attractive at this age too.

Almost three quarters (72 per cent) dislike their body and actively want to change it, and a further one in six don’t like anything about their figure or features.

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