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Wednesday's Relatively Speaking with Aimee and Josh Fuller

By Joanne Sweeney

Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller was one of the rising stars of Team GB at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, where she landed a double backflip for the first time. She and her hairdresser brother Josh live in Holywood, Co Down


AGE: 22



Before Josh was born I went on to my mum about how much I wanted a sister called Hannah; then I had a brother called Josh and I was over the moon. I was so completely obsessed with him I forgot that I had wanted a sister. I absolutely loved him and did everything with my mum to help her, although I was probably more of a hindrance.

We spent most of our childhood outside and we were on anything with wheels. Josh actually learned to ride a bike younger than anyone else that I've ever met. I think he was about two when he saw me riding it and he just got it right from the off.

It's really funny how Josh went into hairdressing as he's super-talented sportswise. He used to be very competitive with me when we were younger. He would have more talent than anyone else in a race but as he has got older, he's more happy to cruise around and is no rush to try and beat anybody.

He's more of a relaxed personality than I am, and as talented as he is at snowboarding – he has very good aerial awareness – he's just not that competitive any more.

He'll be a qualified hairstylist soon and has already done my dad's and my boyfriend's hair, as well as a bunch of my friends. He's actually really good. Eventually I'll let him do my hair – I suppose he can't do too much wrong to it as there's quite a lot of it to work with.

I'm genuinely happy for him that he's a hairdresser as he's so passionate about it. I can see how he's gone down that route as he's very in to fashion and is very stylish in his dress. What he's doing just makes sense.

I would say that we are just like normal siblings, in that we fight. In fact, I'd say that if we didn't it wouldn't be normal. He steals stuff from my room, I steal stuff from his. But, to be honest, the time apart that we have had recently has just made our relationship stronger."



AGE: 19



As far back as I can remember, Aimee was always into doing crazy stuff, jumping on the trampoline or climbing trees. In fact, I remember she taught me how to do a back flip on the trampoline at a fairly young age.

As children we were always out on the street, rollerblading, skateboarding and setting up ramps with the other kids.

We also did motocross together for a while and she would teach me how to do it, although she was on a bike and I would be on a quad.

I do take a bit of banter all the time about the fact that I'm a hairdresser and my sister is this amazing snowboarder.

But it's cool, all my friends think it's amazing.

I work at Paula Anderson Hairdressing in Holywood and will have finished my NVQ level 2 hairdressing qualification in six weeks' time.

I love hairdressing and definitely see my future in it.

I would hope to travel with it and maybe do some photoshoots for Aimee one day perhaps, as she does a lot of Roxy and Red Bull photoshoots.

I love snowboarding as well. Aimee probably learnt snowboarding about two to three years before me and we had been skiing from a very young age. I actually picked up snowboarding quicker than her, believe it or not, but she really stuck at it.

Aimee definitely has the stronger personality than me, she's a lot more outgoing. She's always been more up for trying bigger things, whereas I always like to take a back seat. I wouldn't want to throw myself off a massive jump like she does.

I really hope she does well in the next Winter Olympics – a podium place or even a gold medal would be brilliant."


All aboard for 2018

* Aimee Fuller is one of the brightest British hopes for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea

* The English-born professional snowboarder competed in this year's Sochi games and is one of the most exciting female competitors on the circuit

* While her own competition in Russia ended early, her enthusiastic commentary at watching team mate Jenny Jones win bronze resulted in hundreds of complaints to the BBC for being partisan, although Aimee said of her best friend: "There was no way that I was going to watch her win a medal and not celebrate!"

* Aimee has just become the second woman in her sport to do a Cab Double 9 trick, and you can follow her progress on

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