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Bryan Boggs: My life in food


Bryan Boggs

Bryan Boggs

Bryan Boggs

Bryan Boggs from Clandeboye Estate Yoghurts discusses memorable dishes and favourite cuisine.

Do you think you're a good cook?

I think I'm not bad, more because I am willing to try things and experiment. I don't mind if it doesn't work out but thoroughly enjoy when it does.

It is easier when you aren't the one doing the cooking every single evening and just take over at the weekend when you have more time.

With our amazing team at Clandeboye I also make the best and only yoghurt made in Northern Ireland. I have to say it is better than any meal I have cooked!

Your most memorable dish was…

Always the last one that worked! Recently it was slow cooked pork ribs finished on the BBQ.

But also, I have discovered you can make just about anything out of our natural yoghurt and flour, the latest was amazing fried doughnuts (gravy rings).

Are you more sweet or savoury?

Definitely savoury, both for eating and cooking. From a cooking point of view savoury is much more forgiving of your own experimentation, baking and sweet things need you to be much more precise, I don't do precise when cooking.

I'd love to be able to make…

I would love to be more patient and make bread, maybe sourdough. Although one of my claims to fame is I went to Dunkin' Donuts university in Boston. I have always been more of a soda bread or yoghurt and porridge bread baker.

Which food(s) do you dislike?

I actually have a few strong dislikes. I really can't stand eggs in any form or fresh tomatoes.

What's your favourite restaurant in NI?

Too many to name but recently over lockdown having to stay local to Bangor, we have really enjoyed the food-to-go from Underground Dining and The Salty Pup.

I am a bit sad and read too many Tripadvisor reviews and love trying wherever is new or getting exceptional reviews.

What's your favourite comfort food?

I am a sucker for a good bacon buttie!

What's your favourite cuisine?

I don't have one favourite; I like variety, so it changes. But as soon as the rain stops the BBQ or Ooni pizza oven comes out.

Your last meal would be…

I think I would have to have an Ulster fry from The King Street Kitchen in Bangor. It doesn't sound very exciting but it reminds me of so many good Saturday mornings with family.

Which celeb chef do you rate?

I'm not into celebrity chefs but appreciate those that support local products. Not sure if Paula McIntyre would consider herself a celebrity chef but people like that do so much for the local food industry.

Do you enjoy a takeaway?

Takeaway has become very important in our house during lockdown. I suppose it is something which rarely lives up to your expectations when you get the same old Chinese or chippie takeaway but with more restaurants offering pick up it has become much more interesting. There is much more choice in Belfast and we enjoy places like Bao Bun or Tribal Burger round Botanic.

What was the first dish you learned to make?

I'm old, I don't remember. I imagine it was quite predictable, something like Bolognese. My mum is an amazing cook and bakes a lot, so I certainly had every opportunity to learn growing up. Cooking was not special to us; we were very lucky there was always good food on the go and we took it, and the ability to prepare it for granted. (I think I appreciate it much more now).

For more information on Clandeboye Estate Yoghurts, visit the website www.clandeboye.co.uk/yoghurt

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