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Caprice: My hard-earned life lessons helped me a lot

Caprice, the It-girl who sashayed her way through the Nineties, is now a business entrepreneur and mother-of-two, and is currently competing in Channel Four's winter sports challenge, The Jump. She shares her life lessons with Gabrielle Fagan.

Caprice Bourret is something of a chameleon. The former Vogue and Sports Illustrated model and party girl, was perhaps best known for her hectic lifestyle and romantic hook-ups during the Nineties, when she dated everyone from rock star, Fred Durst, to footballer Tony Adams, and cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

Now, at 45, the telly personality is in a much more settled groove. Between running her own lingerie and bedding business, By Caprice, and tackling Channel 4's The Jump, the London-based, model and entrepreneur also has two toddlers, Jax and Jett, both aged three, with long-term partner Ty Comfort.

Here are tips for getting the most out of life:

1 Staying in shape is important, but fit it around your life:

"Running after two three-year-olds really helps, and being a mom and owning my own business. If the boys get sick at night or wake up because they want to play, sleep doesn't come into the equation most of the time, so I have to really watch what I eat. I eat very healthily and exercise. I do a boot camp, which is quite aggressive, but very sporadic, so if I have time, I'll go to an exercise class. Sometimes I'll do three in a week or I won't go for a month, so it's all dependent on life."

2Becoming a mother in your 40s can be good timing:

"Mentally, I think this was perfect for me because I wasn't ready when I was younger, I was too wild and too selfish. It was me, me and me again. They have transformed my life and made it better, my children complete me. God, I worship those kids. They are the best things that have ever happened to me."

3 Never say never to cosmetic surgery, but let go of vanity:

"When it gets to a point where everything starts to get haywire, I would jump on that bandwagon. I would want to maintain myself - (but) I don't want to look weird. I have wrinkles around my eyes, I see a bit of sagging happening and there's cellulite, but I just don't care as much anymore."

4 Be proud of your body, embrace your age:

"I'm proud of my body because I've lived and I've given birth and my whole life is my children, my family and providing for my family. That's it; everything else is pretty secondary. I totally welcome ageing - some people maybe say that because it sounds good, but I totally mean it, and I love being a mom; I love being 45."

5Do what terrifies you but know your limits, even when ski jumping:

"With a show like The Jump, I'm very cautious, I know my limitations and I'm not going beyond that. At first I was absolutely terrified - the picture in my mind was much smaller than what it is - (the ski jump's) gargantuan. When I first saw it, I was hyperventilating and now I've done it so many times I'm okay with it, but the skeleton is the most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life. I can't even put into words how terrifying it is, I was literally crying with fear before I did it."

6 Take control of your own safety:

"It took a good few months (after being threatened on a canal path while pushing her two young children in their buggy) where I was cautious, where you feel vulnerable with your children. It's one thing being alone, but having my children with me, these young kids just feeding into that vulnerability. It scared me so much, it was awful. I did self-defence classes and my boys are taking the classes too. It shook me up a lot. I could ground somebody now."

7Men are not complicated:

"Men are quite simple creatures, honestly. They're not complicated. We're a bit complicated, we're a bit emotional, make up blockbusters in our heads, but honestly, with men, you feed them, give them a few compliments, make them feel important and special - because they are - and make them feel relevant and give them sex, and you're done."

8. It's not always love at first sight, be clear about what you want:

"(With her partner of more than five years, Ty Comfort, it was) not love at first sight, but a few months later. Then he asked me to move in with him. We'd only been dating for two months, by the way. At the time, I was 39 and I said, 'Well, listen, I want kids and you already have kids and if that's not on your agenda, that's fine, let's just be best friends, I'm really cool with that.' And he said, 'No, let's start thinking about a family'."

9Relationships require work:

"All relationships are a roller coaster, and it's constant work. All relationships go through ups and downs; we rarely argue, never in front of children, but there are times when we disagree of course, that's normal. I'm quite a strong-minded person and he is as well, and so we disagree like any other couple. But at the end of the day, I'm going to be with him for the rest of my life."

10 Be grateful for what you have:

"When my boys look at me and give me a hug and say, 'Mummy, I love you so much', it's the greatest thing in the world. I would have loved to have 10 more. I loved being pregnant, it's a blessing, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm so thankful and grateful for the two kids I have, so I'm good; I'm more than good."

12 Marriage is not essential:

"Marriage is not really that important to me. I'm not insecure about our relationship and I don't need a piece of paper to validate it."

12 But waiting for the right man is:

"I didn't compromise, waited for the right man, and got two kids. He is my soulmate. He's amazing, so I'm glad I didn't compromise and I waited for the right person, because God knows I kissed a lot of frogs before I got to Ty."

13 It takes time to get to know yourself:

"I'm different from when I was younger. Now I'm a mum, a nurturer, a bit of a worrier and still very ambitious, but ambitious for different reasons because I want to get everything right for my children. I love working and making money; that has never changed. I'm a kind person, but I do have a tough streak. I'm a survivor. I'm a really happy person, the glass if always half full for me. My whole life is my children now."

The Jump, Channel 4, Sundays, 7.30pm. For By Caprice Home bedding sets, curtains and accessories and JJLux By Caprice Lingerie, visit

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