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Kerri McLean

How an unexpected encounter on the street brought back my pain of living with eczema

Kerry McLean

I got into a bit of a row this week. Nothing more than a few hot words exchanged but given that, as my teachers used to say, I'm normally so laid back I'm horizontal, it's not a usual state of affairs for me.

I had gone out to pick up a few necessary bits and pieces for my youngest who's starting P1 on Monday. I am, I think it's fair to say, more than a little emotional about my baby, my third and final child, slipping into her uniform, letting go of my hand and beginning her long educational journey.

I've never been very good at loosening the apron strings but there's something even more difficult about doing so with the baby of the family. As a result, my emotions have been a little closer to the surface all week and that may be the reason why I was more quick to anger than usual.