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Kerri McLean

How sudden loss of our glorious wall of plants and flowers left me blooming sad

Kerry McLean

Fence flower

We moved into our home almost 15 years ago and while we've made a fair few changes to the inside of the house, the garden has been left relatively unchanged.

It's not that it doesn't need a serious dose of revamping and hard work to get it looking good, it's just that, as both my husband and I are not the most natural of gardeners, unintentionally ringing the death knell for most living things we try to transplant into our little corner of the world, we've mainly stuck to planting up hanging baskets and a few paltry pots and leaving the rest to nature.

Well, not really nature. You see, for the last few years we've shared a garden fence with a couple who were amazing gardeners. They were out, working on their bit of cherished earth every single day of the year. No matter how challenging the weather, no matter what the season, they'd be digging, planting and pruning, pottering around, tending to their raised beds, their water features and the glorious cascade of flowering bushes and plants that they cultivated against our shared fence.