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Make-up artist reveals how to get Madonna’s latest look

Brilliant Belfast make-up artist Paddy McGurgan has made up some of the world’s most famous faces. He shares top tips on how to look like a star

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, has just turned 50 — and looks fabulous. A true chameleon who has carried off a myriad of looks, she changes her image the same way the rest of us change our clothes — one minute she's a modern-day goddess chanting and practising yoga, the next she's an urban cowgirl covered in rhinestones and fringe. Recently, she has gone for a very natural nude look.

She rocks with her signature pale skin, flawless black liquid liner, defined but not over perfected eyebrows, and a natural (but not too natural) palette of pastel lip shades. Madonna knows how to look glamorous, but never over done. Here's how to get the Madonna look:

First, skin is everything! Treat your skin like gold dust. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen even before you read your mail. Madonna is known for using a rose water spray on her face to calm, soothe and increase circulation, so get a large bottle and decanter it into a small spritz spray and always carry it in your bag. A light mist throughout the day won't affect make-up, so if you work in an air conditioned office or constantly have to catch flights you really will feel the difference with your skin.

Madonna's foundation look is natural and dewy, so use a cream or liquid foundation. My tip is get into the habit of using a micro fibre foundation brush which leaves your face looking more even and airbrushed and you will save money by not wasting as much product! Finish with a loose powder to set the foundation, but never to give a matte finish. Brighten the face with a natural bronzer to add some warmth back on to the face. Next, a touch of blush is required, but remember cream blush is the more natural option.

Madonna's eyes are classy and sophisticated. Start by prepping your eye with an eye primer and use matte texture eye shadows only.

By using a nude coloured eye shadow all over the eyelid and the crease, the focus is now on her famous liquid eyeliner which creates a thick lash line.

Next choose a liquid liner that is easiest to use for you, either a felt tip applicator or gel eyeliner applied with an angle brush.

Don't forget your false lashes! Use 100% human hair lashes with a couple coats of mascara over them and your natural lashes so they blend just like Madonna's.

And finally, that perfect coral lip — how does she do it? She is not a gloss girl; she is more of a sheer lipstick with moisture kinda gal. Madge cannot be seen touching up in public, so she needs a great lip primer followed by a cream waterproof lip liner and blended.


I have found a wonder product with every colour you need in one palette to get the Madonna eye! Some time ago I bought a very similar palette like this with eight large eye shadows and spent about £98. But you can save yourself a bundle by buying it online for only £33. Go to and select the Daniel Sandlier brand. I love this website and it also offers next day delivery — it’s amazing I use it all the time!


As an artist I prefer cake eyeliner and a brush but, watching a lot of women do their own make-up, I think Rimmel liner, at just £4.99, is the best for D.I.Y application. The end of the brush is really fine and glides across the lash allowing you to build up the line if desired. The Rimmel liner is available at Superdrug, Boots and other leading stores.


Avoid cheap foundations and invest in a good quality product as it will save money in the long run. The Stila liquid illuminating foundation, £27, will make your skin look radiant and alive. Available from House of Fraser.


Don’t get ripped off when it comes to a foundation brush. I have found brands selling these brushes from an astronimical £28 or more. The GOSH cosmetics range has the same brush for a mere £11, which is great value.


Body Shop’s translucent loose powder is fantastic as you don’t need to much at a time and it will last for months. It comes in at the bargain price of only £11


M.A.C’s powder blush, £14, is a great quality product. Try the peach colour to achieve the Madonna signature flush.

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