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Shane Bennett: Work, great grub and then my only lie-in of the week

Award-winning hairdresser Shane Bennett has a salon in Hillsborough, Co Down. The thirtysomething lives in|Rostrevor and is single.

Do weekends find you at the coalface or drawbridge up?

Saturday is often one of the busiest days in the salon so I work most of them. However, once Saturday evening arrives, it’s most definitely drawbridge up and time to wind down and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

If you can, do you grab a lie-in?

I love nothing more than a lie-in to recharge my batteries. Sunday is really the only day of the week that I get to lie-in. Although I don’t work in the salon on Monday, I’m often travelling to London to teach seminars or |making an appearance on Ireland AM, where I do a regular feature on hair trends.

What do you remember about weekends as a child?

Coming from a large family, weekends were always busy. I remember going shopping with my late mum on Saturdays, either to Belfast or Newry. It was always a full house on Sundays for dinner and there was a really warm atmosphere. I love Sundays!

If you could do anything at all this weekend, what would it be?

I travel a lot with work, but not often enough for pleasure, so I’d love to get on a flight to Berlin. It’s a fabulous city for eating out, dancing and having a good time! I’ve been to the city before, but it was with work and it’s a trendy city for fashion shoots, so I’d like to go back with a few friends this time.

If you could buy anything at all this weekend, what would it be?

It would have to be something for my apartment. I’m forever changing my decor as I love interiors and it’s a good excuse to go shopping (centre). If I could buy a few things, then I’d purchase a new suit.

I’ve a passion for clothes and I’ve a family wedding in December, so there are two reasons!

At weekends do you eat out or rustle up something yourself?

I rustle something up. I really enjoy cooking and love having friends over for a nice meal and some good wine. I love entertaining and find cooking very therapeutic. Inviting friends around for dinner is a super way to catch up, we chat for hours and you don’t have to worry about getting a cab home!

A night at the flicks or a DVD?

II always say that I’m going to the |cinema, but I never quite make it there. I do enjoy watching movies on the big screen though, so I’ve bought a large flat screen TV and that |suffices!

I’m currently watching some box sets of Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt that my friend Patsy got me. It’s about a young woman who has the ability to communicate with the dead.

If you have time to read a book this weekend, what will it be?

I really do need to make more time to read. Every time I start a book, I never get around to finishing it. I do make a point of reading the Sunday papers every weekend and I love the style supplements — they can often be a great source of inspiration.

Do you switch off your mobile and log out of your emails at the weekend?

I try to, but if I’m doing TV work on a Monday, I need to leave my mobile on over the weekend in case there is a change in the schedule.

Likewise, if I have seminars in Germany or another European city, I need my mobile switched on and I’ll check my emails, so that a member of my team or the models can get in touch with me if need be.

Do you go to church on a Sunday?

When I was younger I went to church regularly.

Your perfect Sunday?

A lie-in followed by lunch with my family at one of their homes, or out somewhere for lunch with my friends. Weather permitting, I love a long walk around Kilbroney Park or along the shore at Rostrevor. The views are spectacular where I live and I try to make the most of them at weekends and get some exercise, too.

And when do you start to get depressed at the thought of the week ahead?

The start of every week is different so I rarely get depressed. I could be in Dublin, London or another destination, or it may be a rare occasion when I actually get a day off. If I’ve a slot on Ireland AM the only scary thought is of getting up at 4am!

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