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'We always make up after a fight... really, we're like a boomerang'

Reality stars Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing give Georgia Humphreys a sneak preview of the celebrity edition of Hunted

Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing are famous for being Made in Chelsea's most notorious playboys. But their latest TV venture couldn't be further from their glamorous lifestyles on the E4 reality show, which follows twentysomethings living in London's most exclusive postcodes.

The thrilling celebrity edition of Channel 4's Hunted sees the posh pals sleeping on the run to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer.

While attempting to live "off the grid" for 14 days, four teams of famous faces - Matthews and Laing, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted, Gogglebox's Steph and Dom Parker and solo Anneka Rice - have to avoid being caught by an elite team of hunters (including former police officers, intelligence and Army personnel).

"I think it (Hunted) is going to show some really interesting sides to us," says 29-year-old Matthews, who actually left the Made in Chelsea cast in 2016, and seems to have settled down with Irish model Vogue Williams.

"The difference was it didn't feel like we were making TV because it was so real; it wasn't like 'stand there and say this', or, kind of, 'react to this', 'react to that'.

"We didn't see a producer for the entire time we were out there. We were just left to our own devices."

So what is it really like being chased by the hunters? Among plenty of nail-biting - and amusing - moments in the first episode of Celebrity Hunted, Matthews and Laing taking to the skies in a helicopter is perhaps the most memorable.

Did the socialites try and make being on the run as extravagant as possible?

"Well, at the beginning, yeah," laughs Matthews, whose brother James Matthews married the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, in May this year. "But we ran out of money pretty quickly."

"We wanted to put on a show, that was the idea," adds 28-year-old Laing, who stars in the upcoming 14th series of Made in Chelsea, and is heir to the McVitie's fortune. "And I think that's what we achieved.

"The great thing about it is that (the helicopter) is just a portion of what we do."

"Given that it's for such a good cause, we wanted to make it as exciting an experience both for us and the viewers as possible," agrees Matthews.

The reality TV star, who won Channel 4's snow-sports reality show, The Jump, earlier this year, continues: "A lot of people are going to think that this show was produced because of the kind of stuff we got up to. But we wanted to make it entertaining for people."

Even with such fancy modes of transport at their disposal, the duo face challenges while living off the radar - particularly Laing.

"I have terrible tinnitus, and so there's constant ringing in my ears that never goes," he explains, before admitting feeling quite scared at times.

"This was a high stress situation. You just constantly feel like every single car, every single helicopter is hunting you. You're hungry, you don't have any water. It's an amazing experience, but it's really, really not easy."

Then there is the occasional difficulty of making high-pressure decisions as a team.

"We disagreed on quite a lot, but obviously you have to go one way or another," says Matthews.

"We had a huge argument one day about which direction we should go," reveals Laing. "Spencer finally succumbed to my decision."

"Only because he was being such a baby," Matthews interrupts jokingly.

"And I walked us 12 miles in a circle," Laing goes on to admit, before Matthews quickly chimes in again to say: "That was the last time Jamie was allowed to decide which way we went."

After not always behaving too well on Made in Chelsea (to say the least), the mates seem to have a few clever tactics for causing trouble in this show, too.

"Well, you know, we were in it to rev them (the hunters) up," says Matthews of a scene in which he displays his bare buttocks to the hunters from a boat.

"We wanted them to be irate so that they'd make mistakes. You can't be chased by a bunch of cool-headed hunters."

"Yeah, they really didn't like us," chuckles Laing mischievously.

And the competitive pair certainly embrace trying to stay undetected from the hunters for as long as possible.

Matthews declares: "Obviously, we can't say what happened, but you know, for Jamie and I, losing is exactly the same; it's just totally unacceptable."

"Yeah, losing was not an option for us," weighs in Laing.

"When Jamie and I play sport against each other, we won't like each other at the end of it," adds Matthews. "We both desperately want to win. It's why Jamie's always so moody."

The friends constantly tease each other throughout our chat - a sure-fire sign of what to expect from their time on the run together.

"Spencer and I have been friends since we were 16 years old," says Laing. "I think that comes across on screen. You know, we're brothers, we fight, we love each other, we argue, we hate each other."

Indeed, we know from their time on Made in Chelsea that Matthews and Laing have had a somewhat turbulent friendship at times - most memorable, perhaps, is the dramatic love triangle involving the pair and fellow cast member Louise Thompson in the third series. But do they always quickly make up after arguing?

"Oh, absolutely," replies Matthews, wholeheartedly. "We'll always come back. Really, we're like a boomerang."

And while Matthews states he won't be joining newly single Laing for filming in SW4 again any time soon - sorry, Made in Chelsea fans - we could still see more of the close friends on our screens in the future.

"I think seeing Jamie and I together in a new show is very likely," teases Matthews.

"There's a lot of talk and discussions about us working together again - and I think we're both game."

  • Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer, Channel 4, Tuesday, 9.15pm

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