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Yvette Fielding: 'If you're not getting scared anymore, then it's time to give up'

Back on screens with a new instalment of Most Haunted, Yvette Fielding reveals how Mary Poppins helps her with the heebie-jeebies

From a creepy funeral parlour to a "possessed" Victorian wheelchair, there isn't much Yvette Fielding hasn't seen in her time as host of the hit paranormal series Most Haunted.

But the former teenage Blue Peter presenter admits she still gets the heebie-jeebies during filming. "If you don't get scared anymore, it's time to give up," she says.

With the latest series under way, Fielding (46) - aka the "first lady of ghost-hunting" - runs through her most memorable and most laugh-out-loud moments from the spooky show so far.


"Tatton Old Hall in Cheshire, which we revisited this series, is up there. If somebody said to me, 'Would you stay there overnight for a million pounds?', I'd say, 'No, sorry'. It really is truly haunted and it has got everything in there that you could possibly think of when it comes to haunted buildings - no objects stay still for long before things start flying around. There's a horrible entity that growls in your ear and presses on your windpipe. I can't believe we went back there!"


"We also filmed in a funeral parlour this series. The stables were haunted and there was a mortuary and a refrigeration room where they kept the bodies.

We got some really creepy EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomena] from the refrigeration room, of a voice sort of going, 'Say what you want to me', and that was a bit scary. It was terrifying."


"When somebody - and naming no names - has passed a little bit of wind in terror, that makes us all fall about laughing. We can't use it (in the series) because it's just inappropriate, but it is the funniest thing when somebody is absolutely terrified, and you go, 'Oh what's that?', and then you hear it.

I once watched a cameraman have a fight with an ironing board that fell on him, because he thought it was a ghost that had leapt out from behind the door. He couldn't see because it was pitch black, but I could, because I was holding the night vision camera. It's the funniest footage. I actually nearly wet myself on that one, I was laughing so much."


"I don't like wool. I don't know why, but if I were to see a picture of somebody actually biting a ball of wool, it would make me want to be sick. It's really odd! And I have a horrible dream where hair is coming out of my mouth. I don't know what that means, but it happens."


"My most unglamorous moment was probably down a well in Transylvania. They dropped me down a deep well on a swing, and at the bottom were human remains. So I was like, 'Okay, this is really great fun'. Then my husband Karl (Beattie, who also works on the show) came down on a swing after me, so the two of us were left down a well for about an hour.

We had a good old chin-wag. If we'd had a bottle of wine, we would have cracked it open. It was date night, in a well, on human remains."


"I suppose the most frightening moments on the show are when you see people physically harmed by something you can't explain or understand - you just can't get your head around it. In between takes, the atmosphere is lovely. There's a really nice vibe and everybody gets on really well, and if something happens that's intriguing, then we'll sit around for a good while. Some of us will need a cup of tea to keep our sanity. I unwind just being with my family.

We are very lucky, we live on a farm, so I just take the dogs for long walks and I like to watch Disney movies when I am really scared. Mary Poppins is a cracker, that always brings you back down to earth."


"Paul O'Grady (who appeared in a Most Haunted spin-off in 2008) was just lovely and really into it. He's such a nice guy and we get along really well. He loves it, like me. Then there was the Happy Mondays (who appeared in Ghosthunting With The Happy Mondays in 2009).

"That was the funniest, funniest, funniest show we've ever done. We just got on like a house on fire and had a really fantastic time, they absolutely loved the experience and they really wanted to keep going. They were like, 'Can we do some more?', and I was like, 'No, I want to go to bed'.

"Girls Aloud (who appeared in a 2006 special) were hilarious, screaming and crying all the way. Nicola (Roberts) was the worst one. She had to take a break from shooting and sit in a taxi."

Most Haunted, Really, Thursday, 10pm

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