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10 arson attacks, and the cost of putting them out

By Staff Reporter

January 13 2013

The Welcome Centre, a homeless drop-in centre off the lower Falls in Belfast, was destroyed by a fire so intense that one half of the building caved in. The facility provided clothes, food and showering facilities to homeless and vulnerable people.

Cost of fighting fire: £11,631

February 10 2013

A car outside the home of victims' campaigner Willie Frazer was torched in an overnight attack. His bungalow also sustained significant scorch damage.

Cost of fighting fire: £7,697

June 2 2013

Vehicles worth £45,000 were destroyed in an arson attack on a haulage yard near Templepatrick. A trailer valued at around £16,000, a £25,000 Daimler bus and an LVD Convoy worth an estimated £3,500 belonging to a Belfast bus tour operator were all destroyed.

Cost of fighting fire: £6,003

June 25 2013

More than 30 firefighters were called out to tackle a fire at Ownies Bar and Bistro in Carrickfergus, previously known as the Joymount Arms. It was the second arson attack on the building within 18 months.

Cost of fighting fire: £34,370

September 3 2013

An arsonist destroyed three adjoining shops in Poleglass. Rubbish was piled up at a taxi office, beauty parlour and convenience store and set alight.

Cost of fighting fire: £20,156

September 4 2013

A major blaze engulfed the former St Peter's High School in the Creggan area of Derry. Nearby residents had to stay indoors while fire crews battled the flames for over three hours. The school, which closed in 2013, had previously been targeted by arsonists.

Cost of fighting fire: £26,952

December 11 2013

A loaded fuel tanker was stolen by arsonists and smashed into the former headquarters of the Quinn Group in Fermanagh where it was set on fire.

Cost of fighting fire: £10,605

March 12 2014

A man and a woman fled a burning house following an arson attack in Cookstown. The couple were not injured but significant damage was caused to the house. Local people said it was the area's second arson attack in the space of three days.

Cost of fighting fire: £23,984

April 19 2014

Two cars and two homes were damaged by arsonists in Edenvale Avenue, Banbridge. An elderly couple in one of the houses, although not injured, were left badly shaken. A car was destroyed and the front of the homes suffered damage.

Cost of fighting fire: £2,499

May 17 2014

Arsonists broke in through the front door of Whiteabbey Methodist Church and tried to light three fires inside. A kitchen was extensively damaged.

Cost of fighting fire: £11,115

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