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11 incredibly boring things people actually do for fun

Ever wondered what boring things other people get up to for enjoyment?

You know those weird activities you really enjoy doing, but seem very much unexciting to the outside observer?

Well, you are not alone. Reddit users have been sharing their thrill-seeking secrets.

User brtlybagofcans asked: “What is something you do alone for fun that 99% of people would find boring?”

See if you can relate to any of these answers.

1. Imaginary holiday planning.

2. Embarking on a wiki-odyssey.

3. Cleaning.

4. Being an at-home accountant.

5. The hero we never knew we needed.

6. Indulging a curiosity.

7. Becoming a film buff.

8. CL3V3R.

9. Getting pub quiz-ready.

10. Translating classical languages.

11. Car washing.

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