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A terrified squirrel found itself amongst the chaos during a Canadian Football game

The middle of a Canadian Football pitch is not where you want to be as a squirrel.

Animals have a habit of turning up where they shouldn’t, and nowhere does that play out more publicly than at our sporting stadiums.

Whether it’s the Anfield cat, that iguana at the Miami Open or a fox taking to the field during a vital Six Nations clash, all manner of animals have interrupted sporting events.

The latest is a squirrel that found itself in the middle of the action during a Canadian Football League game between the Roughriders and the Stampeders. And it immediately regretted it.

Things got a little "squirrelly" in Calgary...

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It turns out Canadian Football is not a sport you want to find yourself among as a lost rodent.

People were worried for the obviously petrified squirrel.

Thankfully, the critter got away unharmed and will not be forgotten: it’s already been immortalised.

Live your best life, little buddy. And maybe stay away from that stadium.

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