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A writer for The Simpsons has revealed a never-before-seen storyline with Lionel Hutz

The excerpt was cut from the episode 22 Short Films About Springfield.

A writer for The Simpsons has revealed the script for a scene with one of the cartoon’s most beloved characters.

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The storyline, which was cut from the episode 22 Short Films About Springfield, stars rogue lawyer Lionel Hutz – who has found himself eating birthday cake with a group including Maud Flanders and Marge Simpson’s mother Mrs Bouvier.

The scene reveals the group’s identity as the jury of a trial he is clearly involved with, which the stern Judge Schneider is not pleased with.

“The jury room?!” exclaims Hutz, having tossed the cake out of an open window. “I thought some of these people looked familiar.”

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The writer who revealed the forgotten script, Josh Weinstein, pointed out the seventh-season episode actually only had 20 stories in it despite its name – but was written 22 years ago before airing without Hutz’s scene in 1996.

Hutz was voiced by Phil Hartman. The Canadian actor was shot and killed in 1998 and his characters, including movie star Troy McClure, were retired out of respect.

It’s fair to say fans are excited to hear about this extra dose of Hutz which never made the cut.

If you would like to see more Simpsons scenes which didn’t make the cut, it might be worth keeping an eye on Josh’s Twitter page too.

The writer, who has also written for Matt Groening’s new series Disenchantment and Futurama, also revealed what should have been Maggie Simpson’s second word.

Spaghetti – who knew?

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