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An epic shutdown from an NHS Twitter account is fuelling a rise in blood donor pledges

People are promising to donate blood after the account called out racism.

People are promising to donate blood after an NHS Twitter account called out racism directed at its initial request for black blood donors.

GiveBloodNHS made a call for donors in June, highlighting the need for new black donors to help “black people with sickle cell disease”.

But user @ImGrunenWalde sent an 11-word reply on October 12 saying: “If we deport all blacks, this will stop being an issue”.

GiveBloodNHS delivered an epic shutdown in a quote retweet stating: “OR.. we could just deport you” along with a solidarity fist.

The sassy tweet has won praise for the team which is tasked with increasing blood donations – and has seen people promising to donate on the strength of their clapback.

Others were just praising the account for how it called out racism.

And many were left wondering about the Twitter user who started the whole thing.

The account appears to have been suspended – after several users tweeted that they had reported the account to Twitter.


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