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AS Roma managed to troll all the other transfer reveals with their Aleksandar Kolarov announcement

This is truly a work of art.

Weird, wacky and wonderful signing announcements have become synonymous with this summer transfer window – and AS Roma’s latest announcement shows they are aware of that fact.

In wonderfully dead-pan fashion, new signing Aleksandar Kolarov didn’t look too impressed by the Italian club’s planned unveiling…

Roma have managed something pretty special there – making one of the best bizarre creations of the summer so far while also trolling their fellow clubs somewhat.

Serbian left-back Kolarov, 31, joins the club from Manchester City after an excellent season for the Italians carried them to second place in Serie A.

Roma’s excellent foray into the world of transfer announcements went down excellently with fans too.

So much so in fact, one user made the bold claim that there was competition for a new king of the football club Twitter accounts.

Which of course, the ever-cheeky Bayern Munich had something to say about.

Let’s face it, they’ve raised the bar – you’re going to have to come up with something special, Bayern…


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