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Austin Jackson just made a claim for the best catch in Cleveland Indians history

This ball looked long gone, but Jackson disagreed.

Perhaps the simplest challenge of sporting competence is the ability to catch – something Austin Jackson of the Cleveland Indians baseball team appears to have mastered in spectacular style.

During an MLB game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, Hanley Ramirez struck a pitch far, far away, but as it happened, not far enough.

Jackson chased the ball’s trajectory all the way to the wall before leaping high and flipping over the centre-field wall into Boston’s bullpen, managing to cling onto the ball at the same time before landing on his feet (sort of).

Obviously fans were mightily impressed – it would have to be a special effort to beat that, surely?

The great, great, great grandchildren will hear stories of this grab.

Although tales won’t need to be told with all the gifs going around. This is a particularly great angle.

Here’s the catch itself – wonderful stuff.

And this gif just about sums the whole thing up.

An almost unbelievable catch.


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