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Donald Trump has changed his slogan from ‘drain the swamp’ to ‘drain the sewer’ – and people have questions

Isn’t the point of a sewer already to drain things?

Alongside calls of “lock her up” and “fake news,” “drain the swamp” has become a familiar phrase courtesy of Donald Trump.

However, now it would seem that the president has tired of the swamp and is instead proposing an alternative: “Drain the sewer.”

Sure, it’s not exactly the hugest of changes, but it’s still got tongues wagging.

Namely, people are not quite sure how it would actually work.

Admittedly, draining a sewer sounds like a pretty tricky (and smelly) job.

It’s also got people thinking about the relative differences between a sewer and a swamp. Is a sewer worse than a swamp? And isn’t a sewer actually meant to drain things on its own, meaning you don’t need to drain it yourself?

But not everyone is treating it as literally as others.

Of course Trump is obviously talking in metaphors, but thank heaven for the sensible people out there actually thinking about the practicalities.


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