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From Piers Morgan to the longest coat: The funniest reactions as Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal

Finding the light-hearted messages among the heartfelt.

Despite 22 years at the helm, even Arsene Wenger’s departure from Arsenal isn’t invulnerable to a few jokes.

The veteran manager joined in 1996, and while much of the reaction to his leaving has been heartfelt, this selection is more light-hearted.

Many jokes were about Wenger’s towering achievements, for example who could forget his trademark, knee-length coat?

Or his affinity for finishing the season in the Champions League places?

However, some thought a lot of football fans had rapidly changed their tune since the announcement.

Not all of the jibes are directed at Wenger of course, as many opted for political satire.

In contrast to George Osborne, other jokers focused on issues of contemporary relevance.

For many the real concern was what vocal Gunners fan and Wenger Out hashtag-lover Piers Morgan would say.

What the journalist did say in the end was, sadly, but perhaps predictably, underwhelming.

Unfortunately for Morgan though, some Gunners fans don’t like change.

In fact, #WengerIn started trending.

Who knows, maybe all Arsenal fans will be wanting the Frenchman back soon?

Well, maybe not all.

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